North Valley Mechanical, INC
over 30 years experience in construction and remodeling ammonia 
refrigeration systems for cold storage and
food process plant installations
Our Services

New Construction - Repair & Remodel - Pipe Insulation - PI&D Drawings - Pipe Testing - Maintenance - Parts

We work with your builder in the pre planning stages making sure that only the best outcome is met. Meeting required deadlines so that harvests can immediately be stored in your new facility.  We ensure our manufacturers meet or exceed quality standards on all goods delivered to your building site.  Your construction will be lead by an experienced site supervisor. We have qualified construction crews that will be responsible for installing pipe, painting and insulating. We guarantee our work and is covered under warrantee.
We have a highly qualified crew in refrigeration piping. We can cut out worn out rusty pipe, replace expired valves and meet any other of your maintenance needs. 
We apply polyisocyanurate insulation a Dyplast product to pipe, tanks and vessels by qualified insulators. ISO-C1/2.0 has been tested and found to meet or exceed the requirements of the ASTM C591 and the applicable North American standards, and has a Class 1 E84  rating from UL and FM. (Stated from
We have our own in house full time CAD drawer, which will complete your pipe and instrument diagram drawings. We visit your site and tour your facility to gather data, measurements and even photos to ensure accurate information is recorded. All new construction is inspected and then certified and stamped. 
We offer pipe testing at your facility using ultrasound to accurately calculate the amount of erosion on pipe. We include a full report with photos, findings and recommendations. 
We have a wide range of parts in stock which includes fittings, pipe, valves and compressor parts. We have two locations of parts and if we don't have it in stock we can order and deliver to you. Please see our partial list of manufacuturers for all your part needs.